POSITION OPEN -- for an EXPERIENCED Active Server and SQL Server developer in either the Los Angeles or San Jose areas. DO NOT respond if you are not located near one of these areas.<BR><BR>I am looking for developers who can begin on a contract basis with the possibility of hire upon contract completion.<BR><BR>Do you enjoy working hard on MEANINGFUL projects?<BR>Do you prefer to have high autonomy to work the way you like to work?<BR>Are you fed up with teams of corporate, Dilbert-like wannabe developers?<BR>Do you wish you could get on board with an experienced team of SERIOUS developers that understand how to scope, design, manage, track, and deliver products of unparalleled quality?<BR><BR>If yes to all of the above, contact me. You must CARE about your work. There are too many developers out there who code "for a paycheck" -- if this is you, STOP reading now and move on.<BR><BR>If you are committed to building solid systems based on innovative designs that delight users, then contact me.<BR><BR>This position pays between 50 and 150 US dollars per hour for the initial contract.<BR><BR>If you are interested, send me some EXAMPLES OF YOUR WORK. You can send a resume if you like but the CRUCIAL element is for me to assess the quality of YOUR WORK. I am not a clueless headhunter. With 16 years of software engineering and project management experience, I can see the difference between hardcore developers and 9-to-5 losers.<BR><BR>EMAIL: ambjob@bigiron.org<BR>