"You are not authorized to view this page" problem

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Thread: "You are not authorized to view this page" problem

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    Default "You are not authorized to view this page" problem

    I just started using IIS from pws, and had my site up and running.....then I started tinkering around to see some other options IIS has...then when I returned to my page, I got....<BR><BR>You are not authorized to view this page <BR>You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied. <BR><BR>I check the security setup on my default.asp page and only the anonymous access is checked....<BR><BR>Any ideas what I need to do to restore the security correctly?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Jonathan

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    Default Try setting up a new login

    I&#039;ve done this before....I&#039;ve spent many minutes debugging permission problems...that&#039;s a prime example why i&#039;m not a sys admin.<BR><BR>I suggest setting up a new login and assigning full rights to that login. And just take some time to poke around with the permissions.

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    Default RE: Try setting up a new login

    check both your settings for that directory/file under the mmc and the security settings if you right click the item and choose properties (not in mmc, under windows explorer or something).<BR><BR>under windows explorer (or similar):<BR>right click the item, and choose properties, then select the security tab. if its all access allowed, make sure everyone (the group EVERYONE) is allowed full access (or even just read, if non-script). otherwise make sure only the groups/users who you want to view the document/dir are allowed.<BR><BR>under mmc:<BR>right click the item and if all are to be allowed make sure "allow anonymous connections" is checked<BR>if you&#039;re allowing only certain groups/users, uncheck "allow anonymous" and check "basic auth" or "nt cr" depending on your target.<BR><BR>i get confused w/ this stuff too, but i think im getting the<BR>hang of it.. let me know if you can&#039;t set it up correctly.<BR><BR><BR>justin

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