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    I have an Access database on my Web host. This is password protected. <BR>How safe is it? <BR>Is attempted logins logged anywhere?<BR>If someone run a password cracker against it, would anyone know?<BR>If I upgraded to SQL Serverwhat are the security benefits? Are things logged or can alerts be set?<BR>Does any one know any resources relating to these matters?<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Danny

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    As with anything on the internet if someone really wants it and is knowledgeable they can get to it. Now let&#039;s talk realism. Put your db in an odd folder name instead of the standard db folder. Password protect the db. Also, ask yourself, how badly would anyone really want my data? No offense meant but be realistic before you spend a lot of time and energy protecting a db. The curious will be kept out but the serious hacker will find a way to get to the best system no matter what security measures you take. I hope that helps.

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    Compare Access safety to putting medicines in a high place away from childrens fingers -&#062; Get a ladder and you can still reach it. Compare SQL Server security to storing the medicines in a vault -&#062; You&#039;ll need highly professional equipment or a lot of explosives to get it out.<BR><BR>SQL Server allows auditing of both succeeded and failed login attempts, with possibility of immediate email notification through alerts.<BR><BR>Microsoft has several whitepapers on SQL Server security.<BR><BR>Jeremy_D<BR>

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