Dropdown box 1 ---query---&#062; Dropdown box 2 ---query2---&#062; <BR>Dropdown box 3 ---query---&#062; Returns table. <BR>But, I cannot figure out how to populate the third, or organize a database such that the first 2 reference dropdown boxes assigned variables (Yes, I know how to assign variables) are such that it query&#039;s a third independant database and returns in the same fashion to a dropdown from multiple results as the first. Ex. Car---&#062;Year(s)---&#062; -------------&#062; ModelsAvailable_Per_TypeOfCar_&Year_selected. Like cars.com or any 3 dd_box example.<BR><BR>This is possible . . . I am semi-new to ASP, SQL and (m)DBs . . . I&#039;m not finding the key element. <BR><BR>Also, if it could be told, how do you avoid getting a "ReSend" general pop-up box (selections are "Retry" or "Cancel") when refreshing a page that reads from a prior query?<BR><BR>Note: responses can be sent (preferred method) to Pindar_gp500bc@yahoo.com or ootbcs@yahoo.com <BR>I&#039;ll check the board while I keep working w/ the db&code to find a solution, post it if I find it . . . or write an article . . . which I only find 2 dropdown boxes . . . but no articles to a thrid degree dealing w/ disjunctive statements and independant db relating SearchVarible criteria to an independant or semi-independant db. <BR>Thanx . . . Chip.