Hi, and thanks. I&#039;ve built up a site using VID, ASP and SQL 2000, using IIS5 and SQL 2000 right here on this one machine. All gos like a bought one. Being sa is the go, you can do whatever you want. I set up all the stored procedures, pass them the parameters they need, got the right indexs clustered, use temporary tables for pagination, and all the rest of it. I have 3 diferent log ins, each with diferent permissions on the various tables they access. I can use the Query analyzer and Enterprise manager ok to cahnge permissions and add stored procedures, run querys and the like. Tested it using this machine as the server on the web and it works well (thanks to you lot and 6 months of work) But now it has to go onto a remote nachine. I dont know how to change stuff like permissions and install new stored procedures and stuff, once its out of here. The host gave me a DSN and an anonymous and dbo log in and password. So I get dbo rights to my database on their server. So do I have to write a page on my site to run SQL querys to change stuff as a dbo on there server? Or can I somehow hook up Query Analyser or Enterprise manager and only use it on my particular database?. Whats the go?<BR>Thanks <BR>Zeg