Advice on BEST ASP tool?

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Thread: Advice on BEST ASP tool?

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    Cuong Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I Like to get some expert advice on the tools for ASP web application.<BR><BR>Currently, I am using Dreamweaver 2.0 to develop visual and code for ASP pages and applications. However, I read some info. on Visual Interdev 6 and was wondering whether I should move to Visual InterDev. <BR>My aim is to develop fast web sites using ASP. This means visual design as well. I know that dreamweaver allows you to swicth bw code edit and visual design. How flexible is Visual InterDev 6? <BR><BR>Just like to get some advice before I buy VI 6?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Ian S Guest

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    Interdev is good, but Homesite (packaged with<BR>Dreamweaver) is just as good. Interdev design<BR>tools are lacking to say the least. Plus Hoemsite<BR>can be tied into current development systems that use<BR>source safe. I use both to be honest though. I like<BR>Interdev because it can spot ASP syntax errors.<BR><BR>Ian S

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    Cuong Guest

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    What about the design perspective? like layout ?? will interDev support different type of browsers?<BR><BR>

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    Ian S Guest

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    heh. Its a microsoft tool.<BR>The design capabilities are on the level of Frontpage<BR><BR>It more for backend development. I&#039d stick with Dreamweaver<BR>if you want to focus on design. But you said best ASP<BR>tool. If you&#039re doing small asp stuff like form validation,<BR>etc, then your fine. Interdev is better when you need to debug <BR>2000 lines of asp code that tie into DB&#039s or COM objects.<BR><BR>Try to check them both out. Some people (not me of course) <BR>warez the software off the Internet. Then if they like it <BR>they can purchase it.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Ian

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