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Thread: HELP NEEDED URGENT !!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi All<BR>This is an emergency....All u experts..plzz help me....i am using an IDC ( Internet Database Connector) to connect my database to the web. I created an .idc file, .html file and .htx file. But when i preview my html file, insted of getting the results from the database, i get only the content of .idc file on the IE.. Can anybody tell me where did i go wrong???? Plz b fast...<BR>bharthi

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    I dont know what a IDC is but im curious to know are you viewing the html file through the URL? www.????.com or are you just opening it in the directory. Some things, like SSI, wont work unless you view it through the URL

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    Default Thanx for having a look at my post !!!!

    Hi There<BR>IDC is a simple concept thru which the database can be connected to a web page. I have been diggigng up the internet for a long time to find a solution for my problem. I just want to web enable an application in MS ACCESS. After searching a lot i found that IDC is the simplest way to do that without having to write pages of code. I seem to understand the concept well. But the problem came when i implimented the concept. I have been posting my qn. in every available messageboard. But till now i didn&#039;t get a single answer. I really don&#039;t know what to do .. Do u think u can help me???<BR>bharthi<BR>

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