Caching with custom object: Good or Evil...?

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Thread: Caching with custom object: Good or Evil...?

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    chillspider Guest

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    i am writing an object that will query db retrieve all data it needs and stored into a collection, example: mailbox object, has a property messages as a collection of class Message, that represent each message. It works very nice and fast. but the problem is that I&#039;ve only working with a small number of data records...Would it still be practical if the returned record get larger and larger with today&#039;s memory availabitity...(Think of my program behavior like MSXMLDOM, load everything into a tree)<BR>So, after load all data into the tree (mulitlevel of collections of objects), I release all db connection. Theoratically, it work well, very n-tiered oriented. my concern is that how it will effect the performance when there are millions of records return (i only expect around 100,000 items in a busy system at anytime).

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    Pierre W Guest

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    This is an extremely open-ended question. There&#039;s too much information missing for anyone to propose a solution. I can think of a half-dozen questions straight off:<BR><BR>1. I&#039;m assuming this collection is being stored on the web tier. At what scope is it being stored at? Application? Session?<BR><BR>2. Does every user access the same data or is it different per connection? Per session?<BR><BR>3. You contradict yourself in the last sentence. Why do you want to know what performance will be like in multi-million row scenarios if you already have confidence in limited scale at the 100k-row range? Or are you not actually certain about the scale requirement?<BR><BR>4. What is the synchronization requirement between the web tier and the DMBS tier? How often will you need to repopulate this data?<BR><BR>5. What is the symmetry requirement between the web tier and the DBMS tier? Is the data in your cached collection static? Or will you need to be able to modify it and synch changes back to the DBMS?<BR><BR>6. How expensive is the database query? What kind of performance improvement did you gain through the caching technique?<BR><BR>... and so on.

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