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    I have a dedicated server and sometimes(once every two days or so) WEB & FTP services stop working and when I try to restart them manually it says that IIS does not support it. So I have to restart the server for it to work normally again.<BR><BR>Any help on how to resolve this matter or at least why it is happening would be really appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Alex

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    see the above post.. IIS stops<BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/iispws.asp?M=208688&P=1&F=30<BR>similar problem. i had this same problem until i reinstalled nt option pack 4.0 now my ftp service and www service works as expected. i think this is a problem if the option pack has been installed already (w/o ftp service) then the ftp service is added at a later date. try installing them both at the same time.. <BR><BR>justin

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