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    Akhilesh showed how to format in currency, but it doesn&#039;t order right. It only starts at the very left digit and compares with other numbers. <BR>example in DESC order:<BR>$89,944,432.00<BR>$759,342,342.00<BR>$2, 211,233,322.00<BR><BR>currency is formated as: &#039;$&#039; + convert(varchar(100), Sum(febdata.singlevalue), 1) singlevalue<BR><BR>How do I get program to take #&#039;s left of decimal into account in an order statement?

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    It never will if your data type in the db is varchar, if you are using an SQL Server DB why not set it to (money), I think that is the correct data type my server is not up right now and I an not that familiar with SQL server data types.

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