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    I'm getting an error when trying to run asp scripts on IIS. The error is: HTTP 500 - Internal server error Internet Explorer. The virtual directory does not have the delete button available and I have full control of all the directories in question. Sometimes the virt dir properties are not available. I have added service pack 6a and reinstalled IIS and deleted and recreated the virtual directory. Regular html pages display ok but after I recreate the virt dir IIS will display the asp page but when I run any of the code it dies. MSDN said to recreate the virt dir and or reinstall IIS.. (done but no help) Please help if you have ideas.

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    What kind of scripts are you running? Have they been tested on your OS and version of IIS? Try a simple <%response.write "monkey"%> and see if that works. Take off "Show friendly HTTP error messages" in your IE options so you can see what the actual error is (instead of getting the "friendly" HTTP 500 error).

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    Default I'll try, Thanks

    I'll try, Thanks

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