I have a table set up in a hierarchical format, and am trying to get an ancestor list. In Oracle, I could do something like:<BR><BR>SELECT myName, myID, myParentID<BR>FROM myTable<BR>CONNECT BY PRIOR myParentID = myID<BR>START WITH myID = 1234<BR><BR>This would give me the parent-child chain from myTable starting with 1234 and ending at a root, for example:<BR><BR>&#039;Ted Smith III&#039;, 1234, 1212<BR>&#039;Ted Smith Jr.&#039;, 1212, 1111<BR>&#039;Ted Smith&#039;, 1111, 1010<BR>&#039;Adam&#039;, 1010, 1001<BR>&#039;God&#039;, 1001, 0<BR><BR>However, I have to use Access for this particular project, and I was wondering if there was something equivalent to this that would yield the same results using a standard Access table.<BR><BR>Thanks.