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    Jason Guest

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    i am storing the path to a document in a database table. I would like to fill an input field on a form with this value. I return the value in an vb recordset but it will not let me put the value into the input field. Is there a way to do this with javascript?

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    are you currently response.write()ing it into the value="" attribute of the input tag? show that code, and we&#039;kll sort it out for you..<BR><BR>j

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    jason Guest

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    Here is the code that you asked for...<BR>thanks for your help<BR><BR><BR>&#060;input type="file" name="file" value="&#060;%=(rst_edit_tdoc.Fields.Item("DOC_PAT H").Value)%&#062;"&#062;

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    Sreedharan Surendran Guest

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    Aha, now you are talking!<BR><BR>You cannot pass a value to the textbox which is of type="file". The VALUE attribute is for RETRIEVING the file name of the input object after the text is set by user input. If the type="text", then you can SET as well as RETRIEVE the value.<BR><BR>Sorry about that. I can understand your situation. I also wish that that could be done. <BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure whether you can specify the initial directory which opens upon clicking the Browse button (as is possible in VB using the InitDir property). If possible, that should partially alleviate your problem. As far as I know, the last folder you open (in any page) will be remembered by IE. Not sure about other browsers.<BR><BR><BR>

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