MEMO field in SQL????

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Thread: MEMO field in SQL????

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    Fat Joey Guest

    Default MEMO field in SQL????

    Is there an SQL equivalent to the memo field in Access. If not any suggestions?

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    RDM Guest

    Default nText


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    Fat Joey Guest

    Default RE: nText

    Thanks, How much data can this hold?

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    RDM Guest

    Default Up to 2GB...

    Take a look at the help in the SQL Server Enterprise manager.<BR>Search for nText and you&#039;ll get several items that talk about advantages, disadvantages, and limitations that my apply.

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    Fat Joey Guest

    Default RE: Up to 2GB...


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    Default I would recommend 'text'

    nText is used if you need UNICODE. If you don&#039;t, then stick with just &#039;text&#039; and you can hold even more! Same with varchar. varchar can go to 8000 chars while nvarchar can only go to 4000

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