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    Could the HTTP 500 - Internal server error be down to errors in my code or is it an error on the hosts part or could it be confliction probs. Only my code works like a dream under Win 98 & Personal web server & only when i transfer to the web certain pages relating to my database do not work...Can you help<BR>

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    Usually that means there is a problem with your syntax regarding data type. At least that was my experience. The error you received is dumped out as a non specific error, but if certain settings are changed in IIS, you can get a more descriptive error. I would check out your code and see if there are any data types not handled or perhaps "allow zero length" is set to no in you table for a field and you are passing blank form fields?

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    My god man, you&#039;re amazing, you practically figured out his error with absolutely no code from him and a really poor description! <BR><BR>A 500 error can be anything from a problem opening your connection, to exceeding the bounds of an array. It will occur any time *any* error is come across while trying to process a page.<BR><BR>You do not need to change anything in IIS to allow more descriptive errors, it&#039;s all handled client side. In IE go to the Advanced tab in Internet Options and remove the checkmark next to "Show friendly HTTP error messages".<BR><BR>This will tell you the nature of the error(sometimes vague, sometimes specific), what file it occurred in(good if you&#039;re using includes), and what line it occurred on. Do that, see where the error might be, then try to fix it. If you still aren&#039;t having any luck, post the relevant code here and tell us what that code is supposed to do.

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