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    I know this isn&#039;t asp related but does anyone know of a way to have a print icon on a page in view of printing it but without the icon appearing on the printed page.<BR><BR>All this without using frames.

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    Using IE, it&#039;s possible. IE has onbeforeprint() and onafterprint() event handlers. You can use these to hide the icon, print, and then show the icon again.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re aiming for cross-browsable, I would suggest a separate "printable" version. Not as neat, but guaranteed to work.

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    In the onclick event change the image src to a blank image (i.e. a tiny transparent gif). Something like:<BR>&#060;IMG Src="print.gif" onclick="this.src=&#039;blank.gif&#039;;window.pri nt();"&#062;<BR>

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