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    If I buy Small Bus. Server 2000 I know I can host our corporate site on it. Now, as SBS has SQL200 in there - can I build ASP/SQL2000 apps and be covered for licensing? Are there any restrictions given the hefty SQL200 licence cost if bought on its own....?<BR><BR>TIA.<BR><BR><BR>

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    You need an SQL license for every potential user, on the internet this could be thousands so you can purchase an &#039;Internet Connector License&#039;<BR><BR>You will only be covered for the amount of SQL license provided with SBS, if its 5 you can only have 5 users using the App.<BR><BR>IIS does not have a license issue.

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    SBS can only be licensed for 50 clients....Any more than that and you would *have* to go to the standard version of SQL server.

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