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    I want to change a class. The parameters that I want to change are font size. Is posible to change it if the class is created previously in a &#060;STYLE TYPE="text/css"&#062; tag?<BR>If no posible, what is the syntax to create the class with &#060;STYLE TYPE="text/javascript"&#062; tag and later manipulate it?<BR><BR>Thank you

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    Styles go in this order:<BR><BR>First comes the stylesheets (css files) that you have specified. Now, if you have a class in a &#060;Style&#062; tag, that style will supercede the stylesheet where you apply it. <BR><BR>Now, if you use the Style attribute, that will supercede everything else.<BR><BR>Therefore, since you want to supercede the class in your &#060;Style&#062; tag, you can do it by specifying your new style in the style attribute of the element.

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