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    ed Guest

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    I have stop people from view any of my asp pages when the hit the back button in the broswer but if they hit the refresh button they can then see the page... any idea on how to stop the refresh button too... Thanks for any help...

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    ed Guest

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    but you can cheat. <BR><BR>set a session variable on the PREVIOUS page to some value after this page loads change the value of that session variable then inorder to load that page you have to ensure the session variable is the same as what you set it on the previous page, so if they click refresh the value of that session variable has changed so it will not do whatever again. <BR><BR>I just want to make sure I have it down.. <BR><BR>page 1 <BR><BR>session.variable = 1 <BR><BR>page 2 <BR><BR>session.variable = 2 <BR><BR>Now when they try to refresh the variable is now different right? <BR>Or do I have to do something else?

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    Pierre W Guest

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    This is a very common question. I&#039;m a little surprised the moderator allowed your message to be published.<BR><BR>This 4guys article answers your question:<BR><BR>

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