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    Well,<BR><BR>almost done for the week, was fighting with a problem earlier this week, couldn&#039;t get it to work.<BR><BR>I have an asp page, with dhtml menus, i call a js function<BR>to open a popup that does a search of name/ssn pairs using a textbox and two dependent select lists.<BR><BR>so the user types in numbers or characters, and depending on if the datatype in the text box, it searches the correct list, and it changes the other select list hence dependent lists.<BR><BR>Anywho.<BR>I was trying to figure out a way to get <BR>the selected value back to the main menu.<BR>which means, i need to transfer an id, an ssn, and name.<BR><BR>Thinking this was easy was a pseudo mistake, netscape really doesn&#039;t like what i have tried to do,<BR>I was just going to have 2 textboxes and a hidden field and copy the values over when the submit button was pressed, evidently NS doesnt like it. <BR><BR>Anyone ever mastered submitting back to the opener (but i don&#039;t want a hard refresh)<BR><BR>j/c

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    Without seeing any code, I would try, in your popup window, something like this.<BR>onsubmit="passValues()"<BR>function passValues(){<BR>var openerf = opener.document.formname;<BR>var f = document.formnameinpopup;<BR> =;<BR>openerf.ssn.value = f.ssn.value;<BR> =;<BR>window.close();<BR>}

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