I recently inherited a server with a fresh install of MS IIS 4.0 on it (WinNT Server 4.0sp3). I&#039ve installed SA-FileUp 2.3.7 (and SA-FileManager 1.1) and MS ADSI 2.5 on it. I can use saMgr.logonUser and get a saMgr.currentUser string back, but when I try to alter files (change owner, change permissions) using a SysAdmin object, it fails with a <BR><BR>"SoftArtisans.File.1 error &#039 80020009&#039 <BR>No mapping between account names and security IDs was done."<BR><BR>I&#039ve seen the code work on another server I was dealing with, which has me quite confused. Anybody seen this? Know what&#039s going on? (and Yes, I&#039ve confirmed that I&#039m referencing the right file.)<BR><BR>Thx, Jason