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    Having a little problem with the concurrent licensing with 8.5. Just wondering if anyone has had to deal with it. I have tried everything to kill off the session vars it uses to hold the crystal .dll (bad in itself) and at the same time handles the licensing. Some type of count is my guess. I have no problem with the concurrent part, except, for example, if a user spends 2 minutes with the report then navigates away from that page... the license, because of default session, is locked up for 18 more minutes. I can't change the session properties for the entire site. I need to deal with just this one. I have tried to use abandon and timeout but they don't seem to work on individual session var. i can't use the .content.remove because it is NT 4. I tried = null and = "", and I think that is crashing the server, or a very strange coincedence. Anyway, bottom line is, anyone deal with this before? thanks in advance!Jay
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