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    Hi,<BR><BR>Ok, heres the scenario:<BR><BR>I am working on this site which needs to have the detail page of a business opened in a new browser window. So I have done my search and have my search results page, which then links to the detail page, and it is this detail page which needs to open in a new window. Just to be clear!<BR><BR>Opening the window is no problem, and displaying the information is no problem, but the main page (behind the open window, which the detail link is on) changes too (to a white page with only the word "[object]" on it.<BR><BR> I want to be able to have this detail window open and keep my original results page so it can be gone back to when the user has finished and closes the detail page.<BR><BR> I have tried various pieces of code, but here is the latest:<BR><BR>&#060;A HREF="javascript:;business_detail.asp?&#060;%= MM_keepNone & MM_joinChar(MM_keepNone) & "id=" & RSBusiness_A.Fields.Item("BusinessID").Value %&#062;&#039;,&#039;&#039;,&#039;width=550,height= 450&#039;)"&#062;<BR><BR>Can this be done?<BR><BR>One solution I thought is to have the results of the original search passed to a hidden form object, and when the new window opens, the old one calls up the results page with the hidden search criteria. Seems like a hell of a long way round it though?<BR><BR>Thanks for any suggestions.<BR><BR>David

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    your query string looks a little messed up this should be no problem. response.write the href and should look like<BR>asppage.asp?firstvar=10&secondvar=20 etc<BR>fix where appropriate

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