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    I&#039;ve created an asp-script that reads lines from a text file and puts the content into a Access2000-database. <BR><BR>First I ran it on a NT workstation with PWS4.0. The script was finished in about 10 seconds, with a textfile of about 6000 lines. Then I had reasons to move the whole thing to another computer running NT Server, which forced med to run IIS 4.0 instead. Now the same script with the same input file takes about 15-20 minutes to complete!! <BR><BR>The nt server is a pdc of a network, but this was at night and it had nothing else to do. The performance monitor in Task Manager was going between 1% and 2% during the operation.<BR><BR>All the files, including the database file were on local HD in both cases, and I&#039;m accessing the database through ODBC.<BR><BR>Any ideas what&#039;s wrong?

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    IIS should probably run faster than PWS.<BR><BR>Is the Server an actual server so it has many connections to it as once?<BR><BR>Try the same thing with a txt file with say 15 lines, what&#039;s the response time then?<BR><BR>The asp engine can be very slow reading through txt, I believe there&#039;s an article on this site on some tricks to speed it up.<BR><BR>Also, have you thought about SQL Server instead of Access?

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