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    I&#039;ve made a big boo boo!! I have my dates for events (227) in total in my database as July 1, 2001 or July 1 & 2, 2001, and what not in a Dates field (as text). I can&#039;t change my field to Date because of the invalid & or - in the fields for multiple dates. My client adds in events thru a web interface, the only problem is that the results on the site are not sorted properly!! I really dont want to have to create StartDate and EndDate fields, change ALL of the dates currently in the database, and modify all of my code in my ASP pages to suit the new fields!! Anyway I can format the existing data once it is returned to the page using a "LIKE" or anything?<BR><BR>Thanks all, I appreciate any help, I&#039;ve learnt my lesson!!

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    WEll<BR><BR>IMO, i would fess up, put in the date range.<BR><BR>then examine the data, and do some parsing based on what you see,<BR>you could easily split at the special character separator and punch the two dates into datetime fields.

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