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    I am using an if stament to compare to variables. I am getting the values form a database table. There are some NULL values in the database. Here is my problem. For some readon I can not compare the 2 values if one is NULL so if a ="green" and b=null<BR>the following stament does not work<BR>if a &#060;&#062; b then<BR> .....<BR> a = b<BR>end if<BR>I guess what I am trying to say is how can I compare null values with strings<BR><BR>

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    do this<BR><BR>if isnull(a) then a = ""<BR><BR><BR>and so on.

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    Select case true<BR>case isnull(a) AND isnull(b)<BR>response.wriet "a = b"<BR>case isnull(a) OR isnull(b)<BR>response.wriet "a&#060;&#062;b"<BR>case a = b<BR>response.wriet "a = b"<BR>case else<BR>response.wriet "a &#060;&#062; b"<BR>end select<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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