Ok,<BR>I&#039;m having rediculous problems writing a script to do this (the math is getting me dizzy). I need to:<BR>Take an array containing some arbitrary # of elements say 5, so that array(4) is the highest. Now let&#039;s say one element in the array (2) is set to null or "expired" or something. I need to loop through the array, find that element, remove it and push the rest down. So that:<BR><BR>array(0) = formerly array(0)<BR>array(1) = formerly array(1)<BR>array (2) = formery array(3)<BR>array(3) = formerly array(4)<BR><BR>I know there is a simple script to do this (I just can&#039;t seem to make it), so if anyone has one please send it on!<BR>You can answer here, or email me to info@jtwebmaster.com