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    Hi, I have a flat txt-file with 60.000 records with twelve fields each, comma-separated, that i need to transfer to my SQL-database.<BR><BR>Is there any way to do it, the time it takes doesn´t realy matter. Also, does anyone no approximately how much space I would need on my SQL-database for this. Right now I´m on a shared server...<BR><BR>I thought of importing the txt-file into access and then upsize it or loop-transfer them, but it doesn´t feel right...<BR><BR>All suggestions are more than welcome, please if you have further questions about my dilemma post them.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!

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    Use Data Transformation Services (DTS). It comes with a wizard that makes it quite easy to use. Just right-click on the database you want to import in and select "All Tasks -&#062; Import Data". In the wizard, select "Text File" as the source and browse for the file to import (copy the physical file to the server first to reduce network-lag during the import). The rest is a matter of choosing the right delimiter options (in your case comma as column-delimiter and probably &#060;double-quotes&#062; or &#060;none&#062; as text-delimiter and &#060;CR/LF&#062; as row-delimiter) and the usual Next-Next-Next-Finish clicks.

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