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    Paul M Guest

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    I am just looking for a bit of advice here.<BR>We have ordered 2 new servers, 1 to act as Webserver the other to act as DB server. At the moment we only have 1 which acts as both, and I was looking for a bit of advice on what will need changing in order that the 2 talk 2 each other.<BR>We haven&#039;t got them yet, but I want as few suprises as possiable when they arrive !<BR>the only thing I can think of, is at the moment the connection to the db is simple as it&#039;s on the same machine. Do I simply create the DSN on the db server, and call it from the Webserver via an IP address and the DSN or something else ?<BR><BR>Any advice from people who have done this would be great, or any articles people know of based on this arrangement.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Paul M

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    Toine Guest

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    That depends of your network<BR><BR>If you have a nameserver resolution it shouldn&#039;t be a problem. All you will have to do will be to change the name of the server when you open the connection.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t have a nameserver, you can use IP address, but any change of infrastructure will took your server&#039;s home down, so just edit lmhosts and map manually the IP to the name. I think that&#039;s the best choice

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    Paul M Guest

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    Both servers should have a DNS name, as well as static IP&#039;s. And the whole thing is on a intranet. Do you not think this will encounter any major problems then ??<BR><BR>I have never tried doing this before so I&#039;m a bit niave as to what needs changing.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Paul

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