Hi all, <BR><BR>I hope someone might know the answer to this one !<BR><BR>I have an input form where people enter their details... name email address and the message they want to send to another person. When the form is submitted it updates a database and then emails the recipient hyperlink with a message id in the query string .... the idea is that the person receives a V card with personal message ...... up to now all is working.<BR><BR>When the user clicks on the hyperlink it opens up an asp page that retrieves the message from the database (based on the id in the Q string) and then (this where the problem is) redirects them to the Vcard(flash movie) where the message is displayed in the movie. <BR><BR>Here is the asp code that retrieves the records and redirects them : <BR><BR>Note: i thought a session variable would have helped with the redirect... so that the movie finds the variable... but it doesn&#039;t work!!<BR><BR> &#060;%@Language="VBScript"%&#062;<BR>&#060;%Respo nse.buffer = true%&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>refnumber = request.querystring("MessageID")<BR>refnumber2 = Cint(refnumber)<BR>SQLstr = "select Message from flashtest where MessageID =&#039;" & (refnumber2) & "&#039;"<BR>set objRS=Server.Createobject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>ob jRS.Open SQLstr,application("GUSConnection_ConnectionString ")<BR>if objRS.EOf then <BR>response.write "message=Not+Flying"<BR>Else<BR>sam = (objRS("Message"))<BR>Session("me") = ("message=" & Server.URLEncode (sam))<BR>response.write session("me")<BR>response.redirect ("frog6.swf")<BR>end if <BR>%&#062;<BR>..... the problem is that the movie doesn&#039;t recognize the encoded string : eg. message=Hello+there. <BR><BR>The movie works fine if I call it with a value I assign like this...... <BR><BR>refnumber = "22"<BR>refnumber2 = Cint(refnumber)<BR>SQLstr = "select Message from flashtest where MessageID =&#039;" &(refnumber2) & "&#039;"<BR><BR>Thank you for reading this...... any advise would be a Godsend as I am struggling to get this working .<BR><BR>Kudos.