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    Shane Guest

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    This is a vb script qustion sorry :(<BR><BR>Is it possible to have an array of objects ?<BR>I have ...<BR><BR>Set objDom = server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR>Dim element1<BR>Set DOBField = objDom.createElement("text")<BR><BR>what I want to do is something like this ...<BR>myArray(0) = objDom.createElement("text")<BR>so later on I can go <BR>myArray(0).whatever<BR><BR>where whatever is a properity of objDom<BR><BR>I know I explained that really badly<BR><BR>Shane

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    Shane Guest

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    I think I figured it out, but there was one thing I was looking for though, If any of you are familiar with the JavaDocs for Suns java, I was wondering if there were anything similar for vb where Say for instance You wanted to look up arrays and it would give all the methods and properties associated with Arrays <BR><BR>????<BR><BR>Shane

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    shane Guest

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    Actually if you could still answer the array question :)<BR><BR>Shane

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