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    S Griff Guest

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    Take this line here. Is it legal<BR><BR>var myArray = split("myFilename.jpg", ".");<BR><BR>I&#039;m sure the array decleration is wrong.<BR><BR>This is in JAVASCRIPT. Not VBScript, so give me<BR>the answer in Javascript :)<BR><BR>Steve Griff

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    pani Guest

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    Hello sir,<BR> In javascript everything is an object so the code goes like this<BR>var str<BR>var s = yourstringname<BR>str = s.split(".")//or whatever u want <BR>now u can access them as <BR>str[0], str[1]

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    Try doing it this way:-<BR><BR>completeString = "myFilename.jpg";<BR>partsSplit = completeString.split(".");<BR><BR>access the sections using<BR><BR>partsSplit[0], etc<BR><BR>Bob

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