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    Rahul Guest

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    I have Text File i am able to Read the colnames from the file but after reading the colnames i have assign the values in the cols to Variables .<BR><BR>And the col position Changes so i have to adjust the values accordigly so i can&#039;t hardcode so i need to assign values dynamically <BR><BR>e.g <BR>first file<BR><BR>Fname sname address<BR>aaa bbb 111<BR><BR>second file<BR>id address telno fname sname<BR>1 222 546 rrrr tttt<BR><BR><BR>Can anyone help

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    pani Guest

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    can u make a bit more clear for me...<BR>where the col values are comming from???if it is from the same file,, then what the worry is?? If this is the doubt then<BR><BR>you need not take the name of the fname as fname etc, na?<BR>first have a count of no. of variables...<BR>then take a loops like this<BR><BR>loop1 for no of rows....<BR> loop2 for all the variables(ie i &#060;= no. of variables ) <BR><BR> end loop2<BR>end loop1<BR> <BR>

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    Rahul Guest

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    Thanks Pani ok Colvalues are coming from the same file but i am not able to figure out how to do that.<BR>

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    pani Guest

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    I don&#039;t know how u find that some of them are variables and the others are values... If u have something so that u can distinguish them the,, <BR><BR>dim ColNames(100)<BR>dim noofcols<BR>noofcols = 0<BR><BR><BR> for i=0 to the end of variables...<BR> noofcols = noofcols + 1 <BR> ColNames(noofcols) = the value of the column name u got<BR> next<BR><BR>after getting the col.names and the count.. in a similar way u can retrieve other data<BR><BR>good luck<BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR>

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