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    Toine Guest

    Default If you're a god, just read that ... (need hel

    Ok, let&#039;s see what I want to do<BR><BR>Part 1 :<BR><BR>I want to be able to transfert a file from my Server using FTP to another FTP (not the same server but another one). Do you know how to do this? Thx for replying.<BR><BR>Part 2 : <BR><BR>Did anyone ever scripted a VB prog that check if there is an incoming file in a specific folder to launch a specific program that do what you want with that file ? If so, I&#039;d appreciate if you could send me the source code<BR><BR>Part 3 : <BR><BR>Did anyone ever scripted a VB prog that can extract a joined file from a mail to a specific folder ?<BR><BR>If you can answer to any of this 3 questions, please take 5 mins and post me a reply or an email address I can contact, cause I&#039;m a bit lost in that new project (B to B with file transfert etc...)<BR>Thx for your time

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    Part1:<BR><BR>You can do that with VB or ASP & VB code.<BR>You just have to learn how to open an FTP connection with Visual Basic. It&#039;s pretty simple. Sorry I am at work and don&#039;t have my books together.<BR><BR>Part2:<BR>You need File System Scripting Object to check for files and generally handle them. I don&#039;t know about launching.<BR><BR>Part3:<BR>ASP or VB Component.<BR><BR>You want to develop this thing to run on a server (ASP) or application(VB)?<BR>I could answer better.

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    Toine Guest

    Default Well....

    I know this can be done, but I need someone to give me a hand or source codes.<BR><BR>Let me explain the whole project :<BR><BR>Part 1 : Extraction<BR><BR>Imagine 2 Servers, one is located in my office, and the other belong to a client<BR>I&#039;m extracting some database results into a XML file (I know how to generate the XML) then, I want this file to be put in a specific folder (output).<BR>I&#039;m now trying to schedule it, but I think this can be done using SQLServer<BR><BR>Part 2 : Transfert<BR><BR>2 possible scenarios :<BR><BR>A) I want a VB application to check if there is any files inside the "output" directory. If there is a file, I want to open a FTP connection to our client&#039;s server to drop it somewhere<BR>B) The generated file is put inside an Email as an attachment and it&#039;s sent. (but I need a VB application to extract the attachment from the mail, and I think it&#039;s harder, so I went for solution A.<BR><BR>Part 3 : Confirmation<BR><BR>I want an Email notice saying if the transfert went fine or if any problems were detected<BR><BR>Part 4 : The return<BR><BR>The client can also send us XML, flatfile, Excel files or whatever to use via FTP. I want a VB application that check that incoming folder.<BR><BR>Firstly, I just want to test if I can integrate the document to a database, then I&#039;ll have to script a kind of workflow with approbations from our commercial, our boss etc ...<BR><BR>So my main problems are :<BR><BR>- FTP transfert Server to Server<BR>- Scripting a prog that check a folder for any files (VB application I think)<BR>- A prog that log all file&#039;s transfert success to keep a track of possible errors to resend the file if needed (error handling)<BR><BR>This is just for a test, cause we&#039;re about to pay 200.000$ for that kind of system, and it&#039;s quite expensive, so I&#039;m looking if it can be done by our own.<BR>Thx for your time again !<BR><BR>PS : I&#039;m not a developer, I&#039;m a network technician, so I probably don&#039;t have as good ideas as you ;o)

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    fola Guest

    Default RE: If you're a god, just read that ... (need

    I need help with this as well, I am curently working with asp and vbscript and I need to ftp xml generated data from my application to another ftp server as well as mine server.<BR><BR>Help please with scripts or a good book to do this

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