help on connection string!!!

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Thread: help on connection string!!!

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    Default help on connection string!!!

    this is the code<BR><BR>dim connessione, strpath<BR> strpath=server.mappath("links.mdb")<BR> set connessione=server.createobject("adodb.connection" )<BR>connessione.connectionstring="driver={microso ft access driver (*.mdb)};" & "dbq=&#039;strpath&#039;"<BR><BR>< BR>but he tells me he can&#039;t fin the "unknown" file!!!<BR>am I wrong in using "&#039;....&#039;" ?

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    Default Try this.

    dim connessione, strpath <BR>strpath=server.mappath("links.mdb") <BR>set connessione=server.createobject("adodb.connection" ) <BR>connessione.connectionstring="driver={microsof t access driver (*.mdb)}; dbq=" & strpath <BR>

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