I&#039;ve built a form that sends to a response.asp page that emails the contents but also INSERTs the contact info of the sender in to an Access DB. It then sends the user to a thankyou.htm page which has links to close the window and a link back to the form. If the user goes back to the form to send another message I get an error: <BR>Provider error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR><BR>Unspecified error <BR><BR>/messagepalette/responce.asp, line 69 <BR><BR>the code for the all the DB stuff is like this:<BR>52 &#039;PULL THE TESTING CONTACT RECORDS FROM MESSAGECENTER <BR>53 SQLSELECT="SELECT Name, Email"<BR>54 SQLSELECT=SQLSELECT & " FROM Contacts"<BR>55 SQLSELECT=SQLSELECT & " WHERE Name = &#039;" & name & "&#039; "<BR>56 SQLSELECT=SQLSELECT & "AND Email = &#039;" & email & "&#039; "<BR>57 <BR>58 &#039;INSERT THE NEW CONTACT<BR>59 SQLINSERT="INSERT INTO Contacts (Name, Company, Phone, Fax, Email) "<BR>60 SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "VALUES ("<BR>61 SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039;" & name & "&#039;, "<BR>62 SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039;" & company & "&#039;, "<BR>63 SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & phone & ", "<BR>64 SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & fax & ", "<BR>65 SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039;" & email & "&#039;) "<BR>66 <BR>67 &#039;CREATE THE CONNECTION AND EXECUTE THE QUERY<BR>68 set connselect = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>69 connselect.open "messagecenter"<BR>70 set myclient = connselect.execute(SQLSELECT)<BR>71 <BR>72 &#039;CHECK THE RECORDS FOR MATCHING RECORDS<BR>73 If myclient.bof and myclient.eof then<BR>74 <BR>75 connselect.close<BR>76 Set connselect = Nothing<BR>77 myclient.close<BR>78 set myclient = Nothing<BR>79<BR>80 &#039;EXECUTE THE INSERT OF NEW CONTACT<BR>81 set connupdate = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>82 connupdate.open "messagecenter"<BR>83 set myupdate = connupdate.execute(SQLINSERT)<BR>84 <BR>85 connupdate.close<BR>86 Set connupdate = Nothing<BR>87 myupdate.close<BR>88 set myupdate = Nothing<BR>89 <BR>90 End If<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried everything I know about asp and came up short, if anyone can help me allow users to keep going back to sent many messages it would be greatly appreciated.<BR>