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    Hello,We are in the business of developing custom graphics for the international mobile phone market. These graphics are logos, group graphics and picture messages to display on the screen of mobile phones. To develop these graphics, we use standard image editing programs and save the files as 1-Bit (black and white) GIF files. Our need is to have a web-based application to upload a GIF image to our local web server and have it output the HEX equivalent.Logical Process:1.User accesses page ???upload.asp???2.User selects file to upload on local drive from web form and clicks submit3.Form submits to ???output.asp???4.output.asp calls your custom application to do the conversion5.The conversion is output to a text box on the page ???output.asp???We're a small, 2-person company. This will run only on my Windows2000 machine with IIS 5. Our mobile service provider has given us the Visual Basic code to do the conversion, but we just don't know what to do with the code. This Visual Basic code will be provided to you.Please send your hourly rate and either resume or list of skills. I will select 3 respondents and send them the full spec for an estimate. At that time, I will award the project.If you don't hear from me, I'm sorry, I didn't select you. Those selected will be contacted by Friday, May 4. You must be available to do the job immediately.Send rates and qualifications to:
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