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    Is it possible to round the contents of a variable in ASP?<BR><BR>EX: varPERCENT contents = 66.666666666667<BR> I need the varaible contents rounded to 66.7<BR>

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    contents = formatnumber (CSng (contents), 1)

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    Default MATH.Round()

    Math.Round() will round to the nearest integer.<BR>So, to round to a number of decimal places, multiply by 10,100 1000 etc, then Round, and then divide by the same number that you multiplied by<BR>Like this..<BR><BR>var myNumber= "1.2345";<BR>alert (Math.round(myNumber)); ==1<BR>alert (Math.round(myNumber*10)/10); ==1.2<BR>alert (Math.round(myNumber*100)/100); ==1.23<BR>etc..<BR>

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