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    micky Guest

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    Does anyone know how to open up a report, formatted in crystal reports, using an activeX viewer using parameters required by the report?

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    Bill Spurlinh Guest

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    micky,<BR>Goto and look around for the code that can do this......I d/l code from there and it was a big help<BR><BR>Bill

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    micky Guest

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    I&#039;ve already been there and found some sample code. I&#039;m getting invalid progID errors when I to create instances of objects. Such as: Set session("oApp") = Server.CreateObject("CrystalRuntime.Application"). Does this mean that there are components which still need to be installed on our server? <BR>Unfortunately, we haven&#039;t gotten any books in yet to help us out in this matter.

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    micky Guest

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    Bill,<BR><BR>I have been to the Seagate Crystal reports web site and have found sample code to display reports on the web using ASP. The problem being, when I try to create instances of objects, I get an "invalid progID" error. For example, Server.CreateObject("Crystal.CRPE.Application") or Server.CreateObject("WebReportSource.WebReportSour ce"). Do you know if this means that we are missing components on our Web server?

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    Sreedharan Surendran Guest

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    Like you said, looks like you are missing some files. Check whether you have the crviewer.dll file. It will be in the folder "..Seagate SoftwareViewersActiveXViewer\". Register it. Then try again. <BR><BR>I assume that you have installed Crystal Reports in the server. Try to run the examples. Do they work? If they do, then the required files ARE available. Then your problem is something else. <BR>

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    micky Guest

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    I did try running the examples and that&#039;s when I was getting the invalid progID errors.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll have to check and see if the viewer was registered on the server. <BR><BR>Thanks!

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    micky Guest

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    The viewer is registered, but as it turns out, there was something which wasn&#039;t installed on the server. I guess I just have to wait for it to get done. Thanks for the tips.

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