Will Personal web Server work on Windows ME???

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Thread: Will Personal web Server work on Windows ME???

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    aspnewby Guest

    Default Will Personal web Server work on Windows ME???

    I just got a new PC with Windows ME.<BR>Will the PWS that comes with Win 98 work with Windows ME???<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Default Yes....

    Yes PWS will work on ME....Here are the steps...(Thanks to Bill James)<BR><BR>1) Download the newest version of PWS from <BR> http://download.microsoft.com/msdownload/ntoptionpack/en/x86/win.95/download.exe. <BR> Yes, this is the NT 4.0 Option Pack, but it includes the version of PWS for <BR> Win95 which can be used on WinMe with the following tweaks. After <BR> downloading Download.exe, run it and select the option to download PWS for <BR> Win95. <BR><BR>2) See http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q246/0/81.asp. <BR> Download the patch and implement per the instruction in this KB article. <BR><BR>3) Important! Do a Custom install of PWS, installing only the Transaction <BR> Server component. To do this, uncheck all the options, then check <BR> Transaction Server - it will add checks to the other components needed for <BR> it, but not the Personal Web Server option. <BR><BR>4) After Setup completes and a reboot, re-run Setup and add PWS. Reboot after <BR> Setup completes. <BR><BR>5) PWS should now work. Easiest way to implement using it for local copies of <BR> your web pages is to copy the contents of the entire local folder structure <BR> of your web site to C:Inetpubwwwroot (or the folder you selected during <BR> PWS setup). To clarify, if the local copy of your web site is in <BR> D:MyWebSite, with the default start page and all sub-folders located <BR> there, you copy all the files and sub-folders, but not the D:MyWebSite <BR> folder itself. <BR><BR>6) If you are using ASP and your start page is default.asp, allow your file to <BR> overwrite the default.asp file already in C:Inetpubwwwroot. If you are <BR> using index.htm or some other start page, you need to rename the PWS <BR> default.asp file so it is not the default page for the local site. <BR><BR>7) In your web browser address bar, type... <BR><BR> Http://<BR> ...to bring up your start page. <BR><BR>Good luck and enjoy.<BR>

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    Prashanth Guest

    Default Tough Luck!!

    I got a new laptop with Win ME. I tried to install PWS on ME but ME DOES NOT SUPPORT PWS. I just called DELL and told them that I was returning it and told them that in case they wanted me to keep it, either give Win 2000 or 98 for free. They gave 98 for free and refunded $50. Try installing PWS, if u succeed please let me know. Thanks. By the way, I did a lot of research on the Microsoft website and got vexed up.

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    Default Yes WinME DOES support PWS....

    I&#039;ve run PWS on 3 ME computers....

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    Meldlm Guest

    Default Xander's right....

    After following his instructions EXACTLY, I got PWS up and running perfectly on WinME.<BR><BR>If it&#039;s not working right, uninstall everything, reboot, and follow the instructions above.<BR><BR>Thankx Xander!<BR><BR>Mel

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    Motref Guest

    Default RE: Yes....

    I have installed the PWS under WinMe, and everything working fine except that I have to connect to the internet to make the PWS works!, I mean when I go to it give me an error if I am not connecting to the internet, but if I am connecting to the internet it works fine!,,, please help me if there is any way to solve this.

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