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Thread: Creating and Appending TextFiles on CLIENT

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    Default Creating and Appending TextFiles on CLIENT

    Is it possible to create and subsequently append data in a text file ON A CLIENT which accesses a certain webpage.<BR>This webpage would have a form which a certain client would use and after filling in all the data, I would be updating the database AND Writing to a LOG FILE which I want to be on the clients computer instead on the server.

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    TOF Guest

    Default And if the client is on Unix?

    What kind of component would work there?<BR><BR>If you are on an intranet and can insist that everybody use MSIE, then you could also insist that they download and install an ActiveX component that can do this. But otherwise...have you heard the word "security"? If I could do this kind of thing on your computer, how many seconds would it be before your hard disk was wiped out by a dozen different viruses?<BR><BR>Anyway, this only works on systems supporting ActiveX. Meaning MSIE, for all practical purposes.<BR><BR>You can use a signed Java applet, instead, and that will work on more browsers and more systems, but getting people to trust you and allow special access to your applet is just as difficult as getting them to believe you aren&#039;t trying to wipe out their hard disks with your nasty and ugly ActiveX components.<BR><BR>In short, if this isn&#039;t for an intranet, give it up.<BR><BR>

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