Okay... how... I&#039;m reasonably comfortable in asp, but so far I&#039;ve not encountered the 3 things I need to get done for this to work.<BR><BR>1. DSN db connection (use dsn-less ALWAYS I was told, but since it&#039;s over a network I&#039;m not sure that&#039;s possible)<BR>2. Connect over a network (this may be solved by using DSN)<BR>3. Connect to a FoxPro DB...<BR><BR>I&#039;m fairly sure it might be simple once you know it, if anyone has code for the above (yes, I have the microsoft code for connecting to foxpro, just that it&#039;s for dsn-less and not over a network...).<BR><BR>Anyways, thanx for any help at all, feel free to email a solution to jeremywright@graphic-designer.com if you have any thoughts. I&#039;ll try and check back here though.