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    Steve Griff Guest

    Default VScript Loops and JScript

    Hi gang<BR><BR>I have this loop in vscript and I need it converted<BR>to JScript. Here&#039;s the code. Happy changing: -<BR><BR>For each i In myItems.Form<BR> For each value In myItems.Form(i)<BR><BR> &#039; do something here<BR><BR> Next<BR> Next<BR><BR>Thanxs steve griff

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    EGOZ.org Guest

    Default This may help...

    Here&#039;s a function that touches upon the dynamic and syntax i *think* you might be trying to achieve:<BR><BR>function HideLayer(aClk)<BR> {<BR> var x = 0;<BR> var sForm = new Array();<BR> sForm[0] = "businesses";<BR> sForm[1] = "contacts";<BR> sForm[2] = "sales";<BR> sForm[3] = "notes";<BR> var oActForm = new Object;<BR> while (x&#060;4)<BR> {<BR> if (aClk!=sForm[x])<BR> {oActForm = document.all[sForm[x]];<BR> oActForm.style.visibility = &#039;hidden&#039;;}<BR> else<BR> {oActForm = document.all[sForm[x]];<BR> oActForm.style.visibility = &#039;visible&#039;;}<BR> x++;<BR> }<BR> menu.style.visibility = &#039;hidden&#039;;<BR> }<BR><BR>rob@egoz.org

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