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    Hi<BR><BR>I am fairly new to the world of web design and whilst i have developed a couple of web sites there is no real use ability, they are basically a collection of static information pages. Every where i go i am hearing more about ASP or Active Server Pages but i do not know where to start.<BR><BR>Can anybody suggest a good book that will show me in basic english, (and i mean basic) that will show me tutorials and sample scripts.<BR><BR>Also whilst i am writing this i may as well ask another question, if i eventually grasp the concept of ASP will i need to know jscript or VBScript or are the majority of junctions available as downloads or examples on other sites.<BR><BR>regards<BR><BR>Steve Peto

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    steve,<BR><BR>a good start believe it or not is starting with something Access97 this will give you a good understanding data access applications. Access 97 uses a program platform called VBA which is a solid platform which is very very close to VBscript. The other programming platform you should get yourself fimilar with is javascript (not JScript), there are some really good site out there like, javascripts.com, webreference.com, and internet.javascript.com.<BR><BR>I hope this helps<BR><BR>MIKE

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    I believe the book you are looking for is Beginning Active Server Pages which is published by Wrox. 4Guys raffles off many of the Wrox books for a reason. They give you simple examples that show you connectivity to databases, file systems and give good examples for interactivity. This one should give you enough to start and your imagination is the limit to what you can do. <BR><BR>As far as Jscript is concerned I would stay away from that.<BR>VBScript is an easy to learn server side script and a knowledge of Javascript is essential to control the client side. You will probably write scripts once and reuse them as different flavors quite a bit.<BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR>Capn

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