Hello,<BR><BR>I think I&#039ve seen something on this list before that I now need, but can&#039t seem to find it. I&#039ve got some code that will ping a web site a user types into a form field. I&#039ve got the code testing the site, in case its a duff site, or has been typed in wrong. The URL will be input into a database, so I need to check if it&#039s valid.<BR><BR>What I&#039m trying to do now is get the right address to ping, and with my software, if I typed "ping http://etc.whatever.com", it doesn&#039t like the http:// being there. I can take it out easily enough if the site is www. (using a bit of string manipulation), but I wondered if there was a more thorough way of doing this, in case it&#039s a news. or download. site?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Daniel Newman.