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    How can I use ASP to load a combobox from a database table and depending upon the selection, load a second combobox with relevant data???

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    Default Here it is..

    ..Follow the link to get to the links for Dependent List Boxes.<BR>

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    Default if you can make sense of this...

    ....<BR>once you have a table with at least two columns of data, one being a subset of the other.<BR>sField1 = main data set<BR>sField2 = subset of sField1<BR>select all distinct values from sField1<BR>fill up the first dropdown<BR>if this is the first time the page is opened set a default value from sField1, for instance, the first recordset retruned.<BR>otherwise the form has been submitted. get the value from the first dropdown and set it to the default value.<BR><BR>select all distinct fields from sField2 where sField1 = default value obtained above.<BR>fill up the second drop down with these values<BR><BR>in the first select box, have an onchange event handler that submits the form. <BR><BR>does this make sense, or did i make you more confused?

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