OK. I am getting confused and could use a little help setting up the relations, fields, primary keys, etc. in this DB. Basically, it is a DB of artists, songs, and albums. I figured that the best way to do this would be to break it up into three seperate tables rather than repeating info in one. Here&#039;s where I&#039;m at (i&#039;ve left out the irrelevant fields for now)...<BR><BR>Artists Table<BR> - artistID (autoNumber & primary key)<BR> - artistName (text)<BR><BR>Songs Table<BR> - songID (autoNumber & primary key)<BR> - artistID (number)<BR> - songName (text)<BR> - albumID (number)<BR><BR>Album Table<BR> - albumID (autoNumber & primary key)<BR> - artistID (number)<BR> - albumName (text)<BR><BR>I am so confused. Is this set up right? What relationships do I need to set? Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!<BR><BR>-tom<BR> -