I just built an intranet and see that clients will soon have to upload reports (doc, xls, jpg, etc) to their respective department&#039;s web folders. That is the easy part since there are some pretty good components on the market that will allow such a task.<BR><BR>I would love to know how others manage the links to those newly uploaded documents. For instance, let&#039;s say that &#039;John Brown&#039; in Public Affairs is tasked to scan articles and then upload them to the company&#039;s news page. Is there a mechanism that will automatically and recursively hyperlink all documents within his department&#039;s &#039;upload&#039; folder? I&#039;m thinking the FSO will do that but I&#039;m not sure how to go about it.<BR><BR>I would appreciate anyone who has created such a system to let me know how they did it. <BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Tim Robbin