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Thread: password protected without using session variables

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    Default password protected without using session variables

    Are there any way to do password protecting without using session variables? I currently have my username and passords passing from one page to the next through the hidden field inside the form. Does anyone know of a better way, please help.

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    Default Querystring

    Use a Globally Unique ID Number (GUID) for each browser. Append this to the querystring of any links (or put it in your forms as a hidden variable). <BR><BR>You will need a database to track the GUID&#039;s to see if the browsers session is still active. Set GUID&#039;s to expire after their last access of the pages. Every time you check for a valid GUID it should update the time/date stamp of the GUID record in the database to indicate the most recent site access.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Troy Ackerman

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