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    I want to be able to see the last time a visitor accessed the site previous to current login without the use of cookies. So possibly use the session_OnEnd in global.asa? Right now is a no go, but maybe someone has some thoughts or experience with showing that?

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    Just doit on the session onstart, read the val in db into session var and display then record the new date time etc in the db.

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    Default well no SoE....

    ...cause that event is kinda buggy...even IIS 5 has not fixed this...what you can do is have a hidden frame and in the unload of that you can update the db with the time he last visited a page. <BR><BR>But why make things sooo diff...why not just update the db when the user logs in. So the next time he logs in you will know thta last time he logged in....what is the problem in you want the TIME as in the exact time?? if you want that then you can try the first method<BR><BR>

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